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'Gossip Girl' Returns to The Russian Tea Room

March 11, 2009 at 8:41 AM | by | ()

Everyone’s favorite upper east siders are filming at a New York landmark today. The entire cast of “Gossip Girl” will be returning to The Russian Tea Room to finish a scene they began yesterday. Not only did Serena get arrested during yesterday‘s shoot but some drama went down involving Blair (as usual), can’t wait to see what trouble they get into today.

The Russian Tea Room, situated in a six-story former Brownstone on 57th St between Carnegie Tower and Metropolitan Tower, is known more for its over-the-top décor, like a 15-foot acrylic juggling bear who doubles as an aquarium, a gold-hued Fabergé egg, and red banquettes, than its food.

The Tea Room's heyday was definitely the 1980s when lunchtime meant movie stars, agents and producers making deals under gaudy gold trees. One of the restaurant’s most famous stories took place in the early ‘80s when Dustin Hoffman was preparing to star in “Tootsie”. Hoffman met his agent for lunch in drag and the agent didn’t realize it was him, that’s how he knew he could pull off the part.

Since the ‘80s the restaurant has lost its star power but has retained the kitsch and eclectic humor that drew patrons in the first place. The death of R.T.R.’s owner and an economic downturn caused the restaurant to close in 2002 but it reopened in 2006, juggling bear and all, and started receiving mixed reviews. Keep in mind, mixed reviews are a great improvement to the once terrible reviews the restaurant received before closing.

Today, their menu includes a business express lunch, three courses for $35 dollars, a Vodka Hour, 5-7 Monday-Friday and, of course, High Tea every afternoon.

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