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Everyone Still Going On Cruises, Royal Caribbean Says

March 10, 2009 at 12:18 PM | by | ()

We're getting some mixed messages here. According to MSN, Americans responded to the economy by saving at a rate that hit a 14-year high. Maybe there are just some stellar savers in that pool, because apparently the rest of the world is going on cruises.

Royal Caribbean reports that cruise sales were up a whopping 40 percent over last year in January and February in the U.K. and Ireland. Now, it's possible that those buying in haven't been as badly hit by unemployment and plummeting house prices as their cohorts across the pond, but we suspect the cruise industry isn't hurtin' as much as other sectors -- completely dissonant with the doom-and-gloom picture we've been seeing.

Okay, so a cruise package offers an all-inclusive vacation with the comforts of your countrymen and ample opportunities to shop and sightsee. But assemble-your-own vacations can be cheaper and offer more flexibility at the same time. Our theory? Cruises are to travel as cable TV is to entertainment -- the last thing to cut from the budget after everything else has been discarded.

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