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Jetstar Forces Overweight Passenger to Pay for Two Seats

February 6, 2009 at 9:20 AM | by | ()

Making overweight passengers pay more sure is a thorny issue, but Australian low-cost carrier Jetstar is taking it to the people, by making a 350-pound (160kg) passenger pay for two seats.

Whether you agree with this practice or not, Jetstar's made it worse for themselves by doing practically everything else wrong along the way. When passenger Samantha Scafe made the booking Jetstar told her she wouldn't have to pay for an extra seat but that suddenly changed when the flight departure time got closer.

Even worse, Jetstar managed to allocate Scafe two seats that were separated by the aisle--and they made the same error on her return trip. All that doesn't make Jetstar sound like the most customer-friendly airline. And Scafe's fighting them in the anti-discrimination court. We probably would be too.

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