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Viennese Cafe With Easy Bathroom Access

Where: Vienna, Austria
February 19, 2009 at 10:32 AM | by | ()

In a city we expect better from, the usually-culturally-rich Vienna, someone's really let us down by creating a cafe with a bunch of toilets lining the walls.

The theory is that if the male customers can sit on the toilet while drinking their coffee--they're not functioning toilets, in case you're freaking out--they'll be more rested and happier and, we presume, more likely to come back and buy their next coffee in the same spot.

The name now translates to "A Quiet Place" and we're thinking it's an appropriate name. Watching other customers sitting on the toilet is not our idea of high culture in Vienna, so we'll be staying away and leaving the cafe nice and quiet.

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[Photo: Ananova]

Archived Comments:

this cafe is for people who...

want the comfort of sitting on their toilet at home but instead in a cafe? i mean, do people really sit on those or are they just for show?

i read an interview ...

..with a customer who actually sat there. He said it was comfortable. Maybe so, but ... well you won't find me sitting there.