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Speed From Canberra To Sydney (Some Day)

February 13, 2009 at 9:21 AM | by | ()

Australian planners have been worrying about Sydney and its need for another airport at some stage in the next decade or two. Some think they can give up worrying now because there's quite a tidy solution: building a high speed rail link from Canberra and its existing airport.

Although it seems crazy at the moment to imagine flying to Sydney via Canberra, the thought is that a fast train could make the trip in just 50 minutes, turning little capital Canberra into an outlying suburb of Sydney. There's talk of extending such a rail link down to Melbourne too.

The only tiny problem is the expected cost of up to A$59 billion (almost $40b), but at least it would be cheaper than alternative plans that involve building entirely new airports. All this could revolutionize the way we travel around south-east Oz, but don't hold your breath, because this exciting newness could be ten or twenty years away.

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