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The CEO Of Skybus Finally Speaks Up About What Went Wrong

December 7, 2009 at 9:34 AM | by | ()

If a cheap flight is on your holiday wish list, an airline like Skybus would really help out Santa and his elves this year. Too bad we all know what happened to that little orange airline—it crashed and burned on the balance sheets. Long after the airline’s demise, the former CEO Bill Diffenderffer is speaking about what went wrong with his airline. Unfortunately, it was always pretty clear to us, costs went up like crazy and the airline’s fares went down like crazy. At least we finally got to hear something from the big boss.

He stated that the airline ran into lots of trouble all at the same time. Diffenderffer did take responsibility for the failure of the airline, because as he sees it, he was in charge and he did not get the job done. The combination of high oil prices, sinking passenger confidence, and weather problems all led to the airline's adios from the commercial airline business. Planes breaking down and lacking the necessary back-up aircraft didn’t help the cause either.

Now the former CEO of Skybus is out of the airline industry—good thinking—but he still has some other stuff going on to bring in some cash. He has written a book, Bank of Last Resort, which discusses why some of the economic ideas and programs of today aren’t going to work out in the long run. We’re not going to get into a political debate about what is going right and wrong in Washington, but we’re not putting a economic policy book from the CEO of a failed airline on our Christmas list.

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Archived Comments:

a shame...

I flew Skybus from Newburgh, NY to Greensboro, NC and it was a clean, comfy plane with young, interesting flight attendants. Only thing that rubbed me wrong--the announcement that "tips were accepted" (no, they weren't joking) and having to pay $2 for an 8 ounce bottle of water. I still think water should be free on a plane, no matter if its a LCC.