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Five Funky Alternatives To The New Year's Ball Drop

December 28, 2009 at 11:34 AM | by | ()

Everyone knows about that crystal ball drop in Times Square to celebrate the New Year, but there’s even better stuff falling from the sky around the country. If New York City is out of range this year, there might just be something a little more unique to welcome in 2010 close to home. Here’s just five of the New Year’s best celebrations dedicated to things falling from the sky and rising into it.

Five Places Where Weird Stuff Is Dropping In 2010

· Huge Hershey Kiss in Hershey, Pennsylvania
If you still haven’t had enough candy this holiday season, then take a ride out to Hershey for one more chance to binge on chocolate before the resolutions kick in. Everything is free and all the action takes place at the corner of Chocolate and Park Avenues—how cute. There’s no booze here, but the Cherry Poppin’ Daddies—remember them—will be performing at 10:30pm and midnight. As 2010 comes in, a giant Hershey’s Kiss will rise into the night sky followed by some fireworks.

More local celebrations and objects falling from the sky after the break…

· Colossal Cherry in Traverse City, Michigan
Michigan isn’t the ideal state to ring in the New Year due to a likelihood of freezing temperatures, but even with the possibility of winter weather, residents of Traverse City will hit the streets to welcome 2010. On East Front Street live music will keep the crowd warm while everyone waits for a giant cherry to be dropped from an over 200-foot construction crane. The party is free for all, but organizers do ask that you bring a canned food item or two for charity.

· Pretty Big Peach in Atlanta, Georgia
While most of us were finishing the holiday shopping, a few talented artists were putting the final touches on the Atlanta Peach that will be dropped to welcome the New Year later this week. The thing weighs like 800 pounds, so we’d recommend awaiting its journey towards the ground away from the potential impact zone—safety first. Underground Atlanta will have all sorts of entertainment for both the adults and kiddies, and Morris Day And The Time will be the main musical attraction. Everything is free, and the local bars will be open until 4am—enjoy!

· Awesome Acorn in Raleigh, North Carolina
Residents of Raleigh want everyone to know that their town is the City of Oaks, and they are trying to spread the word with their giant acorn. For most of the year it sits in a park near downtown, but when it comes time to celebrate the New Year, it gets hoisted into the air and dropped at midnight. There are fireworks, performances, and live music to help keep the party going all night long. However, there is one downer, admission buttons for the festivities will set you back $12 per person.

· Powerful Pine Cone in Flagstaff, Arizona
You might think that Arizona would be a good place to escape the winter chills, but if you are headed to Flagstaff rather than Phoenix you might be disappointed. However, despite the cold weather, Flagstaff puts on a great New Year’s Eve celebration. Residents and visitors can't wait until midnight when a six-foot aluminum pine cone is lowered from a historic hotel in downtown. It drops at 10pm as well as midnight just in case you want to run back home to catch the NYC action on the television. Things here are totally free, and the hot chocolate vendors set up shop starting at 8pm.

Honorable Mention: Port Clinton, Ohio's Walleye drop. This Lake Erie town drops a giant fiberglass walleye from a crane to celebrate the New Year.

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