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What Do You Think Was The Biggest Hotspot Of The Decade?

December 23, 2009 at 9:39 AM | by | ()

Yes yes, it's that time of the year—the time for annual wrap-ups and best-of lists, but it's also the end of a decade and so this occasion calls for something a little more meaty: a best-of-the-decade list.

We're always curious about travel trends, like where people are heading next and what city will become the spot. But naming just one city as the Biggest Hotspot of The Last Decade is a huge task, and we're asking for your help.

After the jump, see the five destinations we thought were the largest movers and shakers of the aughts. Will it be your favorite vacation destination, or perhaps the city you call home? ...

· Buenos Aires, Argentina: World spread quickly among travelers that BA was like the Paris of South America, and when terrorism and dangerous activity made the news in Rio, the southward-bound flocks headed for Argentina instead. And where these folks go, design hotels and trendy restaurants follow.

· The Dominican Republic: It seems like everyone but everyone has been down to the DR for a vacation in the last few years especially. Even LCCs like Jetblue fly to several cities in the country, and all-inclusive (yet affordable) luxury hotels continue to proliferate. It's like everyone is holding their breath for Cuba but making do with the DR.

· Dubai, United Arab Emirates: If we had to pick one city that's undergone the most change in the last decade, it's got to be Dubai. Whether or not they were the tourism hotspot of the aughts is questionable, but for development and business, Dubai is tops.

· Bali, Indonesia: While Bali has been through some weather ups and downs, no one can deny that the island is synonymous with Eden. The allure began during World War II sure, and continued with Rodgers & Hammerstein's song from South Pacific, "Bali Hai," but these last few years have been good to Bali by hooking it up with flights and fresh hotels to make it an accessible paradise.

· London, England: An oldie but a goodie; you can thank Harry Potter for this city's inclusion on our list of possible hotspots of the decade.. We bet that the fake platform 9¾ at King's Cross station is worn down from the sheer number of HP tourists over the last few years. London never really loses its hotspot reputation, so perhaps it deserves a lifetime achievement award?

Are we missing any other cities? Tell us who else should be a hotspot of the aughts. Voice your vote in the comments!

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Archived Comments:


People on twitter are replying that it's the DR for them. Whatever happened to commenting in the good old comments section? Twitter giveth and twitter taketh away.


Maybe Bermuda isn't the biggest hotspot, but in my book, Bermuda is the best-est.


Let's face it, the 2000's have shined pretty brightly on that city. Granted, its shine might be wavering a bit now, but for the decade...it did pretty good.