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How Hectic Are Your Holiday Travel Plans?

December 2, 2009 at 2:27 PM | by | ()

Just yesterday, and the day before that (and the day before that), we were surfing the various online travel booking websites looking for holiday airfare deals. And there are none, of course. $400+ for a roundtrip from NYC to Detroit on days that aren't even that close to Christmas? Come on; we can go further, to Chicago, for cheaper. Stupid Delta near-monopoly on DTW.

Anyways, enough with our holiday travel rant; where are you going for the holidays? Or not going, if that's the case. Share your holiday travel booking stories and steals, whether it's by train, plane or rental car. What airline are you flying? Are you heading to a big hub and are you scared your luggage will get lost?

We want to help you through the rest of this hectic month by talking you through your travels, but first you have to tell us where you're headed. Let us know your thoughts in the comments or follow us on Twitter and tweet us your thoughts using hashtag #holidaytravel!

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[The famous "Santa got run over by a Ryanair" photo: Snopes]

Archived Comments:

Holiday rush

I'm heading to Long Island, NY, to see the family. My date for leaving wasn't as flexible, so I had to pay a bit more: $179 through Expedia from San Diego to LaGuardia. My return was flexible, so I took advantage of Southwest's Low Fare Calendar to see the cheapest deal, which was $100 out of MacArthur Airport in Islip. I'm sure LaGuardia will be crazy, since I'm flying so close to Christmas. But I'm happy to leave out of small MacArthur, which is always a breeze.

Hectic Holiday

Yes, I will be having a very hectic and busy Holiday. Particularly that I will have to save more for my fees. Despite the effect it may have on efforts to mitigate the recession, the fact of the matter is that the Federal Reserve is going to have to increase interest rates at some point to offset the decline of the dollar and to encourage increased foreign investment.

Staycation it is

This holiday I am in full-on staycation mode. That isn't to say that I don't want to or won't be traveling soon, but I think better deals can be had in early spring and it would be nice to stay away from potential crowds at airports on both coasts. Instead, I'll take the chance to explore surrounding cities and see if there are any cool NYE events worth hitting up.

Not Too Bad...

Flew for Thanksgiving, but won't be that lucky when Christmas rolls around. We'll be heading up good old I-95 along with everyone else in search of snow in New York and Connecticut.

No updates from major hubs during the holiday rush, but we'll let you know how long the line for gas is at the Vince Lombardi rest area.

Going to Jersey, but not the Jersey shore.

Am traveling during peak time 12/22-12/29. parentals bought me a ticket as an Xmas present. sadly, i have to leave my dog in a pet hotel in Hollywood. or maybe not so sadly, the place has suites for dogs complete with TVs!