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What Gifts Have You Bought From Airport Stores?

December 16, 2009 at 12:54 PM | by | ()

Tis the season for panicked, last-minute holiday gift shopping, and since so many of us will be stuck with extra time in airports, it's natural to be letting your eyes wander over the duty-free offerings and more at airport stores. We admit to having stocked up on gourmet chocolates and small bottles of Johnny Walker for the harder to buy for on our list, but is that so bad?

So, we want to know: Have you shopped for gifts at airport stores?

It's so tempting—all those perfectly packaged luxury items, and oftentimes there are products you can't find outside of the airport. But this goes for the cheap things too; little plastic airplanes and tin cracker boxes with photos of landmarks on them. How about an 'I Love NY' deck of cards or the city's Monopoly game?

If you do shop airport stores, what have you bought and if they were gifts, did the giftee mind that it was from an airport shop? Share and share alike in the comments!

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Archived Comments:

Airport gifts

I think it's perfectly fine to give gifts from airport stores. I've picked up cool t-shirts (often from the discount rack), toy airplane/airport sets, magnets, liquor, chocolates, etc. I don't think the recipient knew where the gifts were purchased, and even if they did, I don't think they'd care.


In the last two years, I've found myself tapping the duty-free offerings for gifts for whoever I'm visiting on the other end of the flight. Hence the Johnny Walker. But probably the last thing I bought was a pink baby T-shirt at LaGuardia for my friend's new arrival. All of the "I <3 NY" shirts in town were cheap, and LGA had some surprisingly nice ones, but yea—paid like $14 for that one.

Love Airport Shopping

I had to specifically seek out airport stores to find little airplanes for kiddie gifts. Believe it or not, it's hard to get an old-fashioned toy plane--meaning, no remote control action, no noises, etc. I've also picked up bags of tasty caramel popcorn at Nuts on Clark in Midway, cheapie "I heart [insert city here]" tees at various airports, and even a hard-cover book for someone who was meeting me at the airport. Everyone loved the gifts.

For Awesome Souvenirs

I've purchased a bean bag lobster from Boston, and a bean bag cactus from Phoenix. They were hits--who doesn't love a bean bag critter?

Aiport stores or souvenir shops?

One of my favorite things I bought as a gift from an airport shop was a precious cufflink case, it was a special gift for a special somebody and apparently that somebody loves the gift.