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Cops Nab Phoenix Airport Baggage Thief; Is Your Missing Luggage In His House?

November 5, 2009 at 10:34 AM | by | ()

There are baggage thieves, like these petty fellows, and then there are compulsive baggage thieves, like the couple who were just caught after having stolen 1,000+ checked bags from the carousels at Phoenix's Sky Harbor Airport.

Keith King and Stacy Legg-King lived in squalor amongst towers of stolen luggage strewn about their suburban home, the ill-gotten goods pinched by Keith straight from the baggage claims of arriving flights. He was spotted three weeks ago when an airport officer noticed King parking at the airport, taking a bag from the carousel, and then putting it in his car and leaving. After this incident, the police put surveillance on him and caught him in the act again this past Monday. And that's when the operation blew wide open...

Cops searched the thief's residence on Tuesday and found the home a complete mess; "The amount of luggage being stored inside of the residence was almost surreal," Officer Kendall Goo wrote in a court document, according to AOL news. The exact number of stolen bags found at the home isn't yet known, but the police did say that all of the identifying luggage tags had already been removed, which is going to make it a billion times harder for police to reunite the stolen goods with their original owners.

Now assume that King was visiting the airport every day and picking off one bag. At 1,000 or so bags, he'd have to be at this for just short of three years, everyday, and you're telling us that he's just being caught now? The man is obviously obsessive compulsive about getting his grubby mitts on your stuff. So if you've recently traveled (in the last couple years, we're guessing) to Phoenix and your luggage went missing, we'd suggest giving the cops a call, and checking the picture above for anything you might recognize.

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