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All Aboard The Booze Cruise! Celebrity Cruises Starts All-You-Can-Drink Plans

December 1, 2009 at 12:32 PM | by | ()

One pina colada with a little umbrella, please. Celebrity Cruises has just introduced a whole new item to their shipboard menu: all-you-can-drink plans. That's right—binge drinking ahoy!

There are six different drink plans available for purchase along with your cruise, and they are all detailed on the line's website. The healthiest option is the unlimited bottled water package, priced at $13.50 per cruise night. From there, the offerings climb past fountain drinks ($5.75 per night) all the way up to beer ($34.50 per night), liquor ($51.50 and up), frozen drinks ($22 and up) and primo wines ($114 and up). Celebrity might make some extra dough off of these deals, but are they encouraging unhealthy and rowdy onboard behavior?

Cost of drinks and other onboard purchases are the way that many cruises make up for super low package trip prices, but it can be argued that these all-you-can-drink plans cater to the wrong sort of passenger. Already Carnival has had problems this year because of brawling, drunk passengers onshore in Antigua, and now imagine that people with hot tempers in the hot sun can get their lips around the straws of free-flowing frozen drinks.

CruiseCritic is similarly concerned, but they went further than us by doing the actual math to investigate if these plans are even saving you money on drinks. The answer is no, if you're a normal drinker. If however you require more than seven beers a day or you insist on bottled water, then it could be worthwhile on a cruise with many days at sea. We just hope that these new plans don't cause Celebrity Cruises to have drunken brawlers-versus-island problems of their own.

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