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The Top Five Twitter Travel Lists Out There Now

November 4, 2009 at 9:29 AM | by | ()

Twitter has made it a billion times easier for fans to stalk their favorite celebs, for airlines and brands to track their customers, and now, with the new Twitter Lists feature, it's super simple to follow frequent travelers around the globe. For those of you not yet on Twitter, we advise you not to tune out yet, because one day you will probably have to know about it for one reason or another.

Back to Lists—introduced during these first few days of November, the function is the first big update on Twitter in a long time. It allowed members to gather those they follow into neat and tidy lists based on any identifying characteristic, like mommy bloggers, celebrities, personal friends and—yes—travelers. In the course of these first few days of List generation, we've found ourselves included in over 100 lists and counting, keeping company with some of Twitter's best travel authorities and most frequent flying.

To help you on your List discovery, we've gathered up a few of our favorite travel-centric ones. Lo and behold, our Five Favorite Twitter Travel Lists RIght Now...

· @EverywhereTrip/Travel
Compiled by Gary Arndt, otherwise known as "EverywhereTrip" on Twitter owing to the fact that he's perpetually traveling around the world, this list is also one of the top-ranked on Twitter right now. It's not a massively large list as it follows only 279, but that just means that it's well-curated and an easy jumping-off point for getting into travel lists.

· @travelpod/list
This is a 500-er, meaning that Travelpod has chosen to feature 500 of the top Twitter travelers in their sizable list, giving you a taste of everyone that's out there in the world of virtual vagabonding.

· @eurapart/travel-500
Here's yet another 500-er that we've found to have quite a good cross section of travel twitters. From MSN Travel to folks chewing the fat over Amazing Race, it's a good variety. Of course you'll find us all warm and snug in there as well.

· @jessicadebra/travel-tweets
Okay, the last 500 list, we promise. This one comes from a regular old traveler, not a travel website or other media outlet. We love lists like these because the intel comes from those on the ground, actually out there hopping on trains and grabbing the planes.

· @IngridaLM/travelers
At 388-strong, this travel list sure doubles up on some folks from the previous lists we've mentioned, but when it comes to reading updates from the road and travel tips, our theory is the more the merrier.

Got a Twitter Travel List we should be following? Let us know in the comments and add @Jaunted to your list!

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Archived Comments:

twitter lists

Here is a great list of women travel bloggers & writers: @girlsgetaway/women-travel-writers

Travel Tech List

Check out @Kijubi/TravelTech

Travel Deals Twitter List

Ck out @bestraveldeals/travel-deals for a list of 100+ twitter accounts that mainly tweet travel deals - makes it so much easier to find that travel deal!

My travel list ! :)

Please take a moment and take look at mine...has "only " 145 names so far ...no 500 ..:) http://twitter.com/raffale/travel-list

Travel tweets

Twitter accounts I really suggest for Travel are @TresRiosResort, @YucatanHolidays, @Great_Vacations for the Riviera Maya! Let's not forget @TravelDesigned !

Travel guide

There are so many iPhone travel apps out there today it can be confusing. Call me old-fashioned, but in my opinion there is nothing more effective than using a good travel guide. Before a trip it is always best to check out an online travel guide like http://www.twitter.com/dozentravel. There are now so many iPhone travel apps on the market that people will stop looking at the scenery and enjoying their vacation, instead they'll be using their smartphone to find out info, text, check emails, flight news and whatever else. We managed quite well without travel apps and iphones.