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The Five Best iPhone Apps For Travel Photography

November 3, 2009 at 1:28 PM | by | ()

The iPhone is a life-saver for travelers with apps that do everything from help you find restaurants or hotel rooms to apps that keep you entertained while waiting for a flight. But even the new 3GS with video leaves much to be desired for those trying to capture post card worthy pictures with their iPhone. Luckily, there are apps for that too.

We present The Five Best Apps For Travel Photography:

Snapture ($1.99): One of the biggest complaints of iPhone users is that the camera doesn't zoom. Snapture gives you a work around by providing a 'pinch and zoom" feature for the 3GS. It also allows you to tap anywhere on the screen to take a photo. It even has a timer and can be programmed to take three pictures in “burst mode”.

BrightCamera (free): Another common complaint about the iPhone camera is that is doesn't have a flash. BrightCamera isn't a physical flash but it does give you the ability to adjust the brightness of your photo after you take it. After you take a picture, you can choose from two icon buttons, one that will make it darker and one that will make it brighter to optimize the camera's exposure.

AutoStitch ($1.99): This might be one of the coolest apps ever! For the first time on a mobile device, AutoStitch lets you take multiple images and combine them into a seamless panorama. What's so amazing about this app is that its completely automatic, you take a series of images and it stitches them together perfectly. The image above was originally several photos taken on the western coast of Ireland and then combined into a panoramic using AutoStitch. Not bad, huh?

TiltShift Generator ($.99): You can use the Tilt Shift effect of this app to make your photos appear retro miniature. It's not the most practical app, but it sure is fun to show off mini versions of all the places you've been!

ColorSplash ($1.99): This is another "artistic" app that lets you color your black and white photographs. When using the app, it automatically takes pics in B & W and the you simply swipe your finger over the objects you want in color. You can zoom in and out using your fingers to have more control while editing your photos, too.

Honorable mentions:
Camera Bag ($.99) which generates almost ten different looks from one of your photos, including a "1974" look, magazine, and fisheye. Also, we love Quadcam ($1.99) though not for travel photography. It's best for taking silly pictures of yourself in a reel-like way.

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[Photo: John C. Matthews]

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