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FAA Glitch Delays Flights Across USA This Morning

November 19, 2009 at 9:05 AM | by | ()

Flying this morning? If you're reading this from a US airport, then you may have already noticed some flights showing up red with delays on the departure screens. The reason is an "FAA glitch" where their computer systems are having issues with processing flight plans, causing the FAA to process flight plans manually and significantly slowing down the system, since we rely on computer so much for this sort of high-volume, fast-paced work.

Although the back-up during the outage is being quickly dealt with and air traffic control is not affected, delays to departing flights are to be expected throughout this morning, especially at Atlanta-Hartsfied Jackson Airport, where the issue was first noticed.

A screen capture of delayed flights out of ATL this morning

First hearing this news, we immediately headed over to FlightStats.com to check flight status out of several major airports, and it does seem that ATL is most affected; JFK's morning delays look nothing out of the normal, for instance. We think perhaps thats the news is blowing this glitch a bit out of proportion, but it might be a very slow news day otherwise.

Just check the status of your flight several hours before, and again right before you leave for the airport. Bring an extra crossword puzzle and a stomach to handle airport food, and you should be alright today.

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