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Has Anyone Flown Aeroflot Lately?

November 17, 2009 at 10:09 AM | by | ()

When we haven't traveled in a few weeks, we get serious ants in our pants and we begin to consider anywhere in the world so long as there's some special or deal. Finding ourselves currently in such a mood, we jumped at @airfarewatchdog's tweet that flights to Cairo, Egypt on Russian airline Aeroflot in February were showing up under $500, including all taxes and fees.

Indeed we found the promised fares right on Aeroflot's website, with departures at a "promotional fare" of $67 each way to Cairo, switching planes in Moscow. Add on taxes and fees, and the total comes to a meager $501.70. We can't even get from NYC to London for that, but Egypt? Okay!

We haven't booked it, and not because we have any doubts about traveling to Egypt (okay, maybe we worry about internet access), but because of the reputation of Aeroflot. Hell, the only other story we've ever done on them here at Jaunted involved their flight attendants filming themselves smoking cigarettes and marijuana in the galley, en route! They also still sport the hammer and sickle in their logo, so...yea.

Because we comparison shop, we checked the lowest airfare being offered by Aeroflot's other Skyteam partner airlines for a NY-Cairo flight, and it is $956. Still, taking the scary (and scary cheap) Aeroflot option makes you have a layover in Moscow for 10 hours. Ugh—decisions. We just want to go somewhere and explore!

So help us out—would you book a long flight to an exotic destination on an airline with a bad reputation if the price was bargain-basement? Have you flown Aeroflot recently? What was it like—were the flight attendants buzzin? Let us know in the comments!

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[Screen captures via Aeroflot website]

Archived Comments:

Funny...I was thinking the same thing yesterday.

I say it's worth it, just for the experience.

Despite the hammer and sickle logo, their livery has red, white, and blue in it--so that means they are friendly, right?


Its not Aeroflot, but I flew Air India last year from EWR- CDG because it was the cheapest, and it was great! Great food and consistent service!

Friendly cabin crew

Aeroflot flights overfly our house here in Russia. The cabin crew members look extremely friendly. Lucky those passengers who will be benefiting from these good fares. What a bargain to fly at that price surrounded by beautiful Russian air hostesses and have a chance to see Sphinx & Pyramids!

Nothing new here

Alaska Air used to make the Anchorage - Vladivostok flight in the summer.