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United Airlines Flight Canceled Due To Alleged Drunk Pilot

November 11, 2009 at 8:37 AM | by | ()

We know layovers are difficult, and they often drive us to drink. But we’re passengers and it’s perfectly fine for us to knock back a couple before heading to a middle seat in the back of the plane so long as we keep to ourselves. However, it’s definitely not a good idea to have a few adult beverages before the flight if you are the person responsible for flying the airplane. Fortunately for all aboard a United Airlines flight, the pilot was stopped before take off as he allegedly had a little too much to drink.

Over 100 passengers and crew were ready to depart London to head to Chicago aboard Flight 949 yesterday when their flight was abruptly canceled. The cause of the cancellation was due to a pilot who was not fit to fly. The pilot was arrested at London Heathrow Airport and was later released on bail pending the results of alcohol tests. A staff member of United Airlines was purportedly the one that rang the airport police to check things out—good work.

Obviously United Airlines is taking this very seriously and has already suspended the pilot as a precaution. They are doing the usual full investigation and are totally cooperating with local authorities over the alleged incident. The airline stated that they have no tolerance for a violation of their alcohol policy, so if the results of this pilot’s alcohol test come back sketchy, he will probably be turning in his wings. We’re glad the plane was grounded and everyone was accommodated on different flights, but we’re thinking there’s got to be other flights where tipsy pilots get away with it.

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[Photo of a different United jet: Simon_sees]

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Getting drunk when you are supposed to work is never a good idea, but when you are a pilot responsible for the lives of more than 100 passengers getting drunk is unacceptable. He should visit an inpatient drug rehab, clearly he must have a drinking problem if he was ready to attend the flight in that condition. What else could have made him risk his wings, but addiction?