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Brrr! Maine's Topless Coffee Shop Reopens Just In Time For Winter

November 11, 2009 at 2:14 PM | by | ()

Maine's Grand View Topless Coffee Shop has had a dramatic year. After only opening up in the town of Vassalboro back in February, the place has been had it's moment in the media limelight, been burnt to the ground by an arsonist, and then reopened in a tent. Now it looks like it's back for good, as the owner has received the permit to reopen in a business trailer on the property—not as great as the original, but it exists nonetheless.

According the Boston Herald, business so far has been slow, but it could also be because the arson fire from last June is still under investigation. But for those anxious to have a place where they can make "I like my women like I like my coffee" jokes, the Grand View is back in business.

Things get a little more NSFW after the jump

Waiting topless from The Sunday Best on Vimeo.

While trawling for information on the state of the coffeeshop, we came across the mini-documentary above, which focuses on the situations of the employees of the Topless Coffee Shop. As the video wears on, you'll see a bit more flesh, but you'll also get a little depressed. We were about to feel really bad for the fate of the Topless Coffee Shop and its employees until we read in the Herald that the suspicious arson happened after the owner explored the possibility of turning the Topless Coffee Shop into something closer to a strip club, and that just ruined the novelty for us right there.

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[Photo: The Sunday Best]

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Anyone notice all the female customers at the topless coffee shop? I would think that most lesbians would not like men gawking at the women and most straight women would not like men gawking at the women. To each their own I guess. gun safe reviews

Brrr! Maine's Topless Coffee Shop Reopens Just In

For liberal-minded persons like me, the coffee shop would be okay. I'll see the staff as artists performing their piece. But for ultra conservatives, just the thought of ordering a coffee from a topless staff would really send shivers down their spine.