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The Ladies Of KLM Debut Their New, Blue Fashion

October 8, 2009 at 8:43 AM | by | ()

The employees at KLM Royal Dutch Airlines are getting an early Christmas present. Earlier this month, new uniforms were revealed at an airline fashion show just for them. Unfortunately, the new uniforms are only for the airline’s female employees, so male fashionistas will just have to sit back and jealously look on. It’s not all bad for the male employees however, since they got an upgrade back in 2000.

Dutch designer Mart Visser has created the new uniforms, and they will start to appear in an international airport near you starting in April 2010. The airline has preserved its trademark blue color that it has used for many decades, but has given things a facelift with the completely new design. KLM is pretty pumped about the new threads, saying that it was just one way to show that they have confidence in their brand despite the current economic climate.

Apparently a lot of research went into the design to make sure everything was classy, comfortable, and practical. Over a hundred employees were chosen to test things out over the last few months, and we’re thinking that everything must have gone pretty well. This update is the first for the ladies since 1990, so it’s definitely overdue. Overall, they look pretty good to us, but then again, we think Southwest Airlines’ khaki shorts are pretty snazzy.

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