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And The Next New Travel Show Will Be Hosted By...Jessica Simpson

October 7, 2009 at 9:14 AM | by | ()

Tonight is the premiere of a new travel tv show, Man Shops Globe, where a buyer for Anthropologie travels the world in pursuit of quirky furniture and products for the chain store. Is it just us, or are floofy travel shows taking over tv? Even if you don't think so now, you will after the news that Jessica Simpson is getting her own travel show, The Price of Beauty.

With Jessica as a host, the series will focus on beauty regimens around the world, and how the concept of beauty varies from culture to culture. Although the series won't air until 2010, hype begins now as Jessica is in the process of shooting the episodes around the world. She's already been to a fattening hut in Uganda and a geisha house in Japan, and she's en route to her next stop of Morocco currently. When "The Price of Beauty" eventually does air, you can find it on VH1, natch.

Jessica's life is so hard...

To prep for the show, Simpson had to take Malaria pills, which made her have crazy dreams, according to Access Hollywood. She also couldn't sleep in Uganda due to the presence of spiders which, she said, were "the size [of], like double my hand." We are currently playing the world's smallest violin for your suffering right now, Jessica.

Nonetheless, her getting a travel show means that almost anyone can have a travel show! Are you blonde and buxom? Might as well pitch a show where you do nothing but fly to gorgeous locations, giggle, and flirt with locals. Are you bald and pudgy? Pitch a tv show were you do nothing but fly to gorgeous locations, yuk it up, and eat the local cuisine. What are we complaining about? We are suckers for this type of television.

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