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Ash Fulk Cooks Up Friendly Swiss Fare at Trestle on Tenth, But Maybe Not For Padma

Where: 242 TENTH AVENUE [map], New York, NY, United States, 10001
October 29, 2009 at 2:24 PM | by | ()

Northern California native Ash Fulk didn't have it easy during his run on Top Chef. He didn't win one challenge on the show, and was eventually asked to pack his knives and head back to New York City, where he serves as a Sous Chef at Trestle on Tenth. The Swiss-French-American restaurant is a neighborhood-y locale open for breakfast, brunch (on weekends), lunch and dinner, making it a go-to spot for Chelsea diners looking for elevated comfort food. And schnitzel.

Trestle's menus aren't intimidating in the way that many contemporary, haute cuisine restaurants tend to be. Here you'll find familiar dishes with a Swiss-French influence that makes them just different enough to be memorable, without being too perplexing or stomach-turning. We're still wondering why fellow TC contestant Hector would dare include Tofu Ceviche on his menu. No, Trestle is where you'll find a Signature House Burger, Cobb Salad, Roasted Chicken with Seasonal Vegetables in Consommè, and Coriander Hanger Steak.

For more adventurous diners, "familiar" might suggest "boring." If you can get a pork sandwich at any number of New York delis—sloppy, unpretentious, and utterly satisfying for under $5—why pay more for the same dish at Trestle? A fair argument, but it's worth pointing out that ToT's menu also includes a handful of uncommon fare like Calves' Liver with Rösti, a Swiss potato dish best compared to hash browns, and a Three-Herring Plate at brunch.

Now that Fulk is living a quickfire challenge-free life, he's back at Trestle, but, according to a recent interview with SF Weekly, is in search of "a restauranteur with an idea" so that he can head up his own kitchen. Just don't expect the illustrious Padma Lakshmi to be on the guest list if said restaurant ever opens. He also told the Weekly, with curt honesty, "I don't really want her at my dinner party." Guess Padma will have to get her Swiss potato hash elsewhere.

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