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Postcards from the Edge, er 3G

October 28, 2009 at 4:39 PM | by | ()

One of our Conde Nast Digital family members, Concierge.com has released an iPhone app called "Postcard by Concierge.com". Yes there are over 60,000 iPhone apps now, and many of them are travel apps, so we began to wonder what does this Postcards app do? Turns out the first thing we needed to do was upgrade our iPhone to OS 3.01, fair enough. After that, we downloaded the free app and messed around with it for a bit. Here's what we found out:

The postcards app provides users a way to turn their iPhone snapshots into postcards. More specifically you can put spiffy little frames around the iPhone photos, link your current location (via map point) and send the e-postcard off to friends, family, enemies, and exes worldwide.

Simple enough right? But these photo booths have proven to be very successful at parties worldwide, and we all know online greeting cards appeal to hordes, so if the frames are funny and ironic enough the kids might just go for it.

What are the current choices? Classic "air mail", a London phone booth, and some sort of odd bull silhouette stuck out. While there is a "Wanted" poster frame we didn't see the most obvious choice -- jail cell.

Anyway, like most of the best iPhone apps it is free so go get it and see for yourself if ya likes it.

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