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JetBlue's 'JetMystery' Revealed: Destination Montego Bay

October 17, 2009 at 10:42 AM | by | ()

This morning, while we all blissfully dozed into the weekend, 150 prize winners, journalists and internet fameballs boarded a Jetblue flight with destination unknown. The 3-day junket party trip is sponsored by Thrillist.com, Jetblue, and a myriad of brands like Trojan, Gillette and Starbucks.

Once at their departure gate this morning, the 150 passengers had their destination revealed along with gift bags and boxes of Red Stripe beer for the long flight; they're heading to Montego Bay, Jamaica as we type. Jetblue began flying direct from JFK to Mo Bay on May 21 of this year, and Jamaica is obviously thankful, helping to support this trip with accommodations and more.

This will be the second time that Thrillist and Jetblue have combined to throw a party in the skies, as last year's JetVegas whisked a planeload to Las Vegas for 36 hours of partying, including a reception at JET nightclub and rooms at the Mirage. They obviously upped the ante this time however, with a full long weekend trip to an exotic, international locale and a promised "white party" a la P. Diddy's notorious Hamptons bash.

Here's what's officially going down for the folks on board:

What was Jet Mystery Jamaica? Oh, only the greatest thing that ever happened. By far. But more specifically, it was a 3-day throwdown on the isle of Jamaica, replete with dune buggying, nearly-submerged horse-rides-on-the-beach, extreme zip-lining, epic white parties, and the kind of dedicated relaxation previously only known by Frankie Goes To Hollywood, who were really good at chilling. And also happened to sing a song called 'Relax.'

That quote is straight from the Thrillist website, and we're a bit suspicious of those last two lines. Will they have Frankie Goes To Hollywood playing the white party? I suppose we'll just have to watch their furious twittering to find out, while we work through the weekend.

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[Photo: Thrillist]

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