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2009 Halloween Theme Park Scare Guide: Canada's Halloween Haunt

Where: Vaughan, ON, Canada
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Our neighbors to the north love to celebrate Halloween as well, even if their spooky day is after Thanksgiving. For those in and around the Toronto area, the best place to get some thrills is at Canadaís Wonderland. Cedar Fair owns the place, the same theme park experts responsible for HalloWeekends at Cedar Point. It might not be as crazy spooky as things in Ohio, but they definitely get the job done.

Halloween Haunt at Canadaís Wonderland dares visitors to explore their way through the park while attempting to avoid possessed woodland creatures and vampires. All the major rides will be running, but itís up to you to make your way to the coasters without being frightened out of the park.

Mazes are the big thing here, and thereís plenty of returning favorites as well as some new ones. The park seems especially excited about Club Blood. Visitors are led to believe that it is just a nightclub to celebrate the season, but unfortunately vampires run it. Just try to avoid being invited back into the VIP lounge; thatís where the vampires do their thing.

Halloween Haunt
Scare Tactics:
Thereís a lot of ghouls and goblins on the loose at the park, and everywhere visitors turn there seems to be something worse. Try your best to avoid the Clowns At Midnight section of the park. Otherwise youíll be tortured by circus freaks that still are a little bitter over being left behind after a fire inside the big top. They perform their show nightly and are always looking for some new recruits. New this year is a Midsummer Nightís Scream. Itís a home to a few bitter fairies seeking revenge on humans that messed up their homes.

If you need to take a break from the main attractions in the park or just need to catch you breath, grab a seat at the parkís newest spooky show. At Fangs there will be comedy and music mixed in with the usual scary stuff. We think the seats in the theater will be safe for this performance, but just check around your seat to ensure that nothing is lurking when youíre just trying to take a break.

The park is located in Vaughan, Ontario just outside of Toronto. Buffalo and Detroit arenít too far from the park if youíre looking for a Halloween road trip.

2009 Dates:
Dates and hours are pretty simple for this event. If youíre looking to get scared silly just head out to the park on any Friday, Saturday, or Sunday now through November 1. The gates creep open at 7pm and youíll have to escape before midnight.

Be sure to grab your tickets online before heading out to the park to save a few dollars. This yearís adventure will set you back roughly $30 CAD before tax. If you want to add on a dinner buffet, and the park definitely wants you too, thatís an additional $10. Hopefully itís an unlimited candy buffet, and then it would be definitely worth the cost.

Event Hotel Options:
The park is close enough to Toronto to take in the sights of that city for a couple days, so staying there is one option. If youíre all about the park then you might want to choose some lodging a little closer so that you can hear the screams right from your hotel. If thatís the case choose the Courtyard Toronto Vaughan. Itís a safe Marriott chain choice and itís near Dave and Busters, Lucky Strike Bowling, and Ikea too. Free WiFi doesnít hurt either; youíll need a place to upload your pictures to Flickr.

5 Skull Scare Factor::

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