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Oprah's Private Jet Pilot And Flight Attendant Get Caught In The (Sex) Act

October 14, 2009 at 8:38 AM | by | ()

You know what two words we don't enjoy hearing placed together in a sentence? "Oprah" and "sex." But with a new lawsuit against the talk show host and one-woman conglomerate, it looks like we'll have to endure their combination for a while.

Recently one of Oprah's former flight attendants on her private jet files a defamation of character suit against Winfrey, since Winfrey had fired her after supposedly catching her joining the Mile High Club with the jet's pilot while in the air and as passengers (including Winfrey) slept. Although this sounds like a topic Oprah would use for a show—"no-limits intimacy," anyone?—the matter is serious and the flight attendant claims that Oprah's accusations are false since all sex acts between her and the pilot only occurred while "occurred while the plane was safely landed and refueling." Oh okay, because now that it's all clear, that makes it alright.

Wrong. The facts are that both of the accused passed lie detector tests saying that the boots-knocking did not happen while in the air, but they admitted to relations on the ground and on the plane. For Oprah's (or rather, her goddaughter's) accusations of in-flight servicing, the flight attendant seeks over $300,000 in damages.

Will she win the case? Probably not, since Oprah is the queen of having her way in court, and hello—the employee still had relations with a fellow employee while on the job. Shouldn't the pilot have been checking some gauges instead of checking out the attendant? And shouldn't the flight attendant have been refreshing Oprah's drink instead of fluffing the pilot? This isn't that sort of private jet, you know. Nonetheless, Oprah or her goddaughter or whoever should be very careful about what you accuse people of doing in mid-air; after all, we wouldn't want them to not be worthy of their new Mile High Club membership.

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