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Jeff Takes His 'Creative Monkey' Back to the Beach

Where: One Lincoln Road [map], Miami Beach, FL, United States, 33139
January 29, 2009 at 11:10 AM | by | ()

Top Chef New York is finally getting serious. They've gotten rid of the lower half of contenders, the ones we knew never had a chance, and now we're down to the top seven, the chefs who each seem like they could realistically win it all.

In last night's Super Bowl episode, we saw three favorites fall to the chopping block, including the dynamic Euro duo, Fabio and Stefan. But I think we all knew Bravo producers weren't going to let either of those camera hogs go home this early, which was of course bad news for poor Jeff.

Despite making some pretty impressive dishes along the way, Jeff never fully fit into the Top Chef format. As fellow chef'testant Carla put it, Jeff "couldn't quiet the creative monkey and reign it in" and always went way too complicated for what the challenge called for, trying to do too much in too little time. So we're wondering, just where does Jeff let this creative monkey run wild in real life?

Turns out Jeff is the chef at the DiLido Beach Club in Miami, and it looks like he does back up his game with some out-there-but-reigned-in recipes. At the club, set on top of the Ritz-Carlton, South Beach, Jeff whips up your traditional hotel restaurant offerings with a few crazy Middle Eastern twists. The "club" sandwich is fried green tomatoes with feta mousse, arugula mayo and harissa ketchup; the Caesar salad comes with falafel crotons and manchego cheese; and the fried oysters and done in a chickpea and saffron batter with spinach and chorizo. Sounds like he's got some inventive ideas there – hope they give him enough time!

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Archived Comments:


You think Hosea and Leah have a chance of winning it all? Carla too? I think that Jamie, Stefan (sp?), and Fabio are the only folks remaining who have the chops to win this thing. Sure there is a site where I can find betting odds on this. Someone help a degenerate gambler out.

Well here would be my odds...

Jamie: Even Stefan 2:1 Fabio 4:1 Carla 5:1 (I mean, she won both challenges last night!) HoLeah: 8:1 (seems like they're keeping them around for the drama, but still, they both can cook)


why is she still around? she has done nothing but make so-so desserts.