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Did Paris Hilton Smuggle Weed Into Mexico?

Where: Mexico
January 28, 2009 at 9:29 AM | by | ()

We all know that Paris Hilton is not someone that you would want your daughter to model herself after. Unless you want your daughter to be famous for releasing a sex tape, going to jail for a DUI and possibly for being a drug smuggler.

Gawker has some scans of a new book called Six Degrees of Paris Hilton which was written by Mark Ebner and is largely about the illegal life of Paris Hilton and how she acts when she's not being followed by Access Hollywood or Us Weekly. A section of scandalous stories come from videotapes that were stolen from Paris' by some dude name Darnell Riley (who's now in jail for assaulting "Girls Gone Wild's" Joe Francis.) Paris is saying that she has no idea who this Riley dude is but he's still talking about what's on those tapes.

Of all the things Riley says the videos allegedly feature Paris doing (filming herself at her grandmother's funeral, more sex, dirty jokes) what rattles us the most is a trip she took with boy-bander Nick Carter to Mexico where they shacked up at the posh Las Ventanas Resort.

And it has nothing to do with the Nick tattoo on her ass and everything to do with the possibility that Paris smuggled weed into the country. From the book excerpt (Page 271):

The video opens with Nick holding the camera as Paris opens her luggage. She pulls out a ziplock bag full of weed. She flew drugs into Mexico. Unbelievable. Nick comments on how this tape must never get out and Paris says, "Yeah, the Paris Hilton Tape, Part Two." She breaks the weed down and rolls a fat joint.

Jesus, Paris! Did you not learn anything from Brokedown Palace? That's extremely ballsy, even if your weed is some kind of Pineapple Express stuff. We're just not sure if Paris is actually that stupid or she just figured she could bribe the notoriously corrupt Federales with money and a sexual favor.

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I hope that Paris...

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