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Real World Brooklyn Kicking Off Sundance Early

Where: 268 Main St. [map], Park City, UT, United States
January 13, 2009 at 3:30 PM | by | ()

Sundance 2009 doesn't officially start until Thursday, but at least one always-hungry-for-publicity "Real World: Brooklyn" cast member is already in festival mode.

Baya Voce, who like another cast member realized she liked DJing while filming a reality show for a cable channel that used to play music videos, will be hosting the fun tonight at The Star Bar in Park City. As it turns out, the Salt Lake City native has been to Sundance before but never to its exclusive parties, she tells The Salt Lake Tribune:

I was always the person standing outside in the snow, not getting in.

God, we know the feeling! During Sundance, The Star Bar competes with Harry O's for who can bring the most celebrity wattage while simultaneously causing blackouts on Main Street thanks to excessive sound and light equipment. (Seriously.) This Thursday, Star Bar hosts the Slamdance Opening Party while Paul Oakenfold and Mark Lewis will drop in on January 20. Harry O's meanwhile brings T.I. to town on Saturday. But who booked Chet Cannon?

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