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World's Scariest Roller Coasters: The Five Most Terrifying Rides of 2008

September 3, 2008 at 1:30 PM | by | ()

Last summer, we rounded up the world's scariest roller coasters, but with another season wrapping up, it's time for another look at the most terrifying rides from around the globe.

While most coasters are impeccably safe--and the chances of stepping on a killer jellyfish at a theme park are infinitely slim--there's still an element of risk when you strap into a ride. So after the jump, allow us to present the scariest roller coasters of 2008.

Batman The Ride at Six Flags over Georgia:
In June, a teenager on a church trip was decapitated after entering a clearly marked restricted area below this coaster. The 11-story-high ride, which subjects thrill-seekers to up to four Gs, was closed after the incident but re-opened a few days later.

The same ride also took the life of a 58-year-old park worker back in 2002, when he was in a restricted area while the coaster was operating. The man was kicked in the head by a passenger, who herself was hospitalized--though she ultimately survived the accident.

This particular Batman coaster has been open since 1997, and Six Flags over Georgia will be open Fridays and weekends through November 2.

Expedition Everest at Disney World:
This relatively new and relatively tame roller coaster at Disney's Animal Kingdom still managed to kill a passenger, at least indirectly. A 44-year-old Florida man was unconscious when his cart pulled into the unloading station, and an employee and a park guest immediately tried to revive him. He was later pronounced dead, the victim of a heart attack, at a local hospital.

Disney officials determined that the ride was operating normally when the man died. Maybe the surprise near the end of the coaster's run startled him to death?

The Animal Kingdom is open every day through the end of 2008.

Ninja at Six Flags Magic Mountain:
This classic coaster, built in 1988, struck a park-goer Saturday, though it's hardly the park's fault. The 20-year-old man jumped a fence to retrieve a hat when he was struck by the ride. Paramedics responded within minutes and found him breathing but unconscious.

Like Batman The Ride, Ninja is a suspended coaster. It's plenty scary as it is--without the added thrill of swooping in on a guy trying to reclaim his cap.

Star Jet at Casino Pier:
This coaster in New Jersey seems tame enough, at just 52 feet high. But earlier this summer, a Bulgarian exchange student working at this waterfront park was struck by one of the coaster's cars after he entered a restricted area to retrieve a lost hat. (Another deadly hat!) While the incident was clearly a tragic accident, the Star Jet still gets a spot on our scary coasters map since it killed someone.

For the rest of the season, Casino Pier is open weekends only. The park closes for the year on October 12.

Cobra at Tivoli Friheden:
This amusement park in Aarhus, Denmark opened its new Cobra coaster on June 27--only to shut it down eight days later after a section of track fell apart, sending a car off the rails and injuring four passengers. The ride's now closed, as the park decides what to do: scrap it entirely or rebuild it. If it does re-open, we won't be signing up to ride it!

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moly. That Everest ride was like "whoa!" Even I was a bit scared when I saw the derailed tracks and random Bigfoot sighting. I almost got startled when I saw NJ was on the list. Hey, at least it wasn't Six Flags Great Adventures :-)