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JetBlue Terminal 5 Opening Pushed Back!

September 26, 2008 at 9:35 AM | by | ()

Crisis at JFK! The new JetBlue terminal will not--repeat, will not--open on October 1!

While the carrier insists that construction is on schedule, a spokeswoman tells the Associated Press:

The operational opening was delayed to give [our] Marketplace vendors more time to complete necessary work.

Hey, we like fully operational wine-and-tapas bars as much as the next guy, but we're definitely not happy that we'll have to wait until October 22 to check 'em out.

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I've said it before and I'll say it again: clip art never fails (even thought that it technically animated clip art)

uninterrupted passenger services policy

Readers should know that the contractor scheduled to operate those wine and tapas bars at Terminal 5 has not yet complied with a Port Authority regulation guaranteeing uninterrupted passenger services and revenues to the terminal.   Even when it opens, the operations could be further interrupted.  See our release on it here: http://www.unitehere.org/presscenter/release.php?ID=3606

The Jet Blue brand

I've read so many negative reviews of Jet Blue, but personally, my experience has mostly been very good...They're definitely my first choice of airline to fly - (leg room, digital tvs, and friendly service - and uh..fewer old people flying who slow down the lines with their two huge roller suitcases? I feel like maybe those people are on AA..)

Dr. Tantillo ('the marketing doctor') has  (a blog on branding) did two posts a while back criticizing JetBlue for their sneaky/deceptive frequent flyer program (miles expire - but this isn't made clear up-front) and well-publicized gaffes.

Links to JetBlue posts on Tantillo blog:
Jet Blue Needs To Remember Its Customers

Jet Blue Again

Here's hoping that the opening will go off well and that operations won't be interrupted...