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Fall TV 2008: "The Ex List" Peeks into the Past

September 2, 2008 at 1:00 PM | by | ()

Jaunted is planning our fall travel with some help from the networks. Check out our Fall TV 2008 Map to go where your new favorite characters go.

What if you knew you had already met the man of your dreams? For Bella Bloom, the main character of the new show "The Ex List" (CBS, 9 pm, starting Oct. 3) the news via a friendly neighborhood psychic comes as a rude awakening: As a single thirtysomething, she's more interested in her flower shop than finding Mr. Right, but why didn't she know him the first time they met? With the assistance of some close friends, Bella decides to find all her old flames in hopes that one will stand out.

We'd be tempted to give "The Ex List" a pass were it not for Elizabeth Reaser (best known as the amnesiac Ava on "Grey's Anatomy") getting her first starring role as Bella, as well as the writing credits of Diane Ruggiero ("Veronica Mars"). The show is shot and takes place in the Ocean Beach neighborhood of San Diego but like HBO's "In Treatment" is actually based on an Israeli series--in this case, the cleverly titled "Mythological X." Too bad CBS wasn't cool enough to sink this bewildered bachelorette into Jerusalem or Haifa!

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