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Disneyland Travel: Hong Kong Gets Aggressive

September 12, 2008 at 9:00 AM | by | ()

Pretty much every time we mention the Hong Kong edition of Disneyland we're telling you about its miserable visitor numbers and general failure to excite the people of the region. Today Hong Kong Disneyland turns three and we're here to tell you: It's still got miserable visitor numbers.

To be perfectly honest, we're not sure if the numbers are that bad--but the fact that they're now keeping them secret isn't a good sign. However, Hong Kong Disneyland now has a new managing director and a new strategy: Aggressively attacking the Chinese market.

New MD Andrew Kam has spent years selling Coca-Cola to the Chinese so convincing them that Disneyland is for them sounds right down his alley. It's probably a good thing he's focusing on that market, because as for us, we're not the slightest bit interested in checking out the Hong Kong version of Mickey. Even if it is his birthday.

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Archived Comments:

Hong Kong Disneyland

The problem here is not Disney it's the Hong Kong government wanting a profit now. This Park is never going to make a Profit and have big attendance till the Parks puts in more attractions. They need to invest more money into the Park. Disney should have never gotten into bed with a government. Disneyland only had a few attractions when it opened but add more and more till what it is today. Hong Kong Disneyland can do the same thing but it takes money to make money.  

Disney numbers

Does Disney ever release its park attendance numbers?  I don't think it even does that in the U.S. So not releasing attendance isn't actually a big switch. It's usually company policy.

Hong Kong Disneyland

Only park that release attendance figures is Tokyo Disney though OLC who owns Tokyo Disneyland and Disney Sea.