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Your Very Own Cannonball Run

July 9, 2008 at 10:30 AM | by | ()

File under: Coolest ideas ever. The Rental Car Rally is a 36-hour adventure that leaves NYC at Midnight on August 15. Racers gun it up to Montreal, make a pit stop at a massive party and then turn around for another party back in New York.

The event's organized by the same crew that invented Wiimbledon--yep, a Wii tennis tourney--and the water gun battle that is Street Wars; you know it's gonna be good. Interested? You've gotta put together a team and then register ahead of time to get maps and GPS coordinates. (Sign up here.)

Oh, and it's not just a test of your interstate cruising skills: The rally heads over back roads and you have to hit checkpoints along the way to stay in the race. As for the prize money for the winning rally team? It's paid in euros.

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