Paper Shampoo: Has it Really Come To This?

July 20, 2008 at 1:55 PM | by | ()

When the liquids ban went into effect on airlines throughout the world in 2006, most travelers responded by simply packing their normal-sized shampoos and lotions into their checked bags. But now that airlines are increasingly charging fees upwards of $15 to check a bag, flying with only a carry-on is increasingly becoming the way to go, even for longer trips. But what can a traveler do to maintain proper grooming habits while away from home without violating the TSA's liquids policies? Enter Paper Shampoo, an invention similar to breath strips that involves wetting a rectangular sheet of paper impregnated with shampoo and rubbing it on your head. It seems simple enough, and at $12.50 for sixty hair-washing's worth, it's not as expensive as some of the fancier salon shampoos out there, but does it really make sense? I've always been a fan of immediately seeking out the nearest grocery store or pharmacy to my hotel upon arrival at a new destination, which is often a great way to load up on stuff you didn't feel like schlepping on the plane - as well as booze and snacks - for a lot less money than you'd pay in resort areas. But if you're headed somewhere bereft of such shops, then Paper Shampoo just might mean the difference between silky, sexy tresses and an oily rat's nest upon your head. The choice is yours.

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Archived Comments:

awsome for camping!

This would be great for when I'm backpacking!  

Maybe for dudes...

but I have long hair. This would only end in a bad hair day.

Ah, but...

What about lint?

paper soap

i have the paper soap from the same company as this. its rosewater scented. i like it and would be totally open to paper shampoo. my trick to my long-lasting curls however is in the gel so can they make paper hair gel?

similar ideas

I have used paper soaps and shampoos, but prefer the bar varieties.  There's a also excellent powdered toothpastes and even dissolving mouthwash tablets.  


Paper shampoo

What a super idea. Can we buy this in drug stores - which ones?