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Why the TSA's New Laptop Bag Plan Is Stupid

July 1, 2008 at 2:03 PM | by | ()

The TSA keeps rolling out new initiatives that we're supposed to be thrilled about. The latest is a new effort to let laptop-carrying passengers keep their computers in their bags at security checkpoints. Great news, right? Wrong.

Only a few types of bags will meet the criteria the TSA has laid out, and from the sound of it they'll be hard to identify. (Mostly because the agency won't let manufacturers use language like "TSA Approved" on their luggage.) That means you won't truly know if your bag will play nice with the X-ray machine until you're at the airport.

We've been through enough checkpoints to know what a shitshow this is going to be. We're picturing people complaining that their bag is exempt even though its not, people confused about whether they need to pull out their laptops, TSA agents baffled by fuzzy rules sent from the home office in DC.

So who do we thank for this? Kip Hawley, a guy who says he wants security checkpoints to be "calm and predictable."

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