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BREAKING: OMG In-flight WiFi Is Here!

June 24, 2008 at 10:31 AM | by | ()

American Airlines will test its in-flight WiFi system tomorrow on a round-trip between JFK and LAX. We're hearing that wireless for the rest of American's 15-plane 767-200 fleet is ready to go. In other words, if this test is a success, they'll flip the "on" switch.

The carrier is using Aircell technology that'll be available under the Gogo brand name. Pricing will be what the company announced in March: $13 for longer flights, $10 for shorter flights. On Wednesday, though, access will be free.

Currently the only other in-air wireless is from JetBlue, which only has limited internet access on one plane, BetaBlue. Virgin America is slated to start up Aircell WiFi sometime this year, too.

If you're flying, we'd love to see a screenshot of Gogo in action. Please send one our way!

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flipping the switch

ugh oh. i sure do hope nothing goes wrong. this is definitely a good idea, but of course running it AA might run into some problems. Technology these days is advancing faster than we are...

thinks about Terminator movies

Overall, I'd try it out :-)

of course

of course they are charging for WiFi! i fully expect this price to increase again one-month after inflight wifi is officially launched.