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Packing One Bag :: The Ladies Edition

May 29, 2008 at 2:50 PM | by | ()

Yesterday, we were a little miffed by the packing tips of One Bag that came off as a bit sexist. (Asking ladies to pack one ugly pair of shoes and to use a bathing suit tankini top under suits? As if! Should men wear their speedos as an alternative to briefs at a big meeting?)

Thus we were spurred to create our list of packing tips for the ladies. We travel quite a bit and we never check a bag. These are some of the little things we do to make sure all our stuff fits into one stylish green Kipling carry-on suitcase.

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Our One-Bag Packing Tips for Ladies:

Invest in travel-sized bottles and containers:
We like our makeup and cosmetics and spend a lot of money on them. So we would never risk having them confiscated by a TSA agent who wouldn't understand the importance of SPF 45 in our tinted moisturizer. As long as you buy those little travel bottles, all your cosmetics should fit in one one-quart-sized plastic baggie which you're more than welcome to take on the plane.

Wear your boots on the plane:
Most people advise against boots when you go through security because it takes too long to get them off and back on. But wearing them gives you more room in your suitcase and really, can you travel without your hot cowboy boots? We can't.

Ditto for your denim. One Bag says denim is too bulky to pack, but if you make it part of your plane outfit, it's just fine. (Also, who goes anywhere without at least some denim?)

Workout gear can double as sleepwear:
So long as you aren't sweating buckets each day working out, you can at least use your tank top or t-shirt for sleeping. We like to air ours out in the bathroom for good measure.

Don't ignore black leggings: If you hate black leggings as a fashion trend, you might want to consider getting over it. Leggings are major space savers. They are also easy to wash in a bathroom sink, act as great layers for when it's unexpectedly cold and look fashionable when tucked into your boots.

Camisoles, camisoles, camisoles:
Ditch the tankini top and bring along a few camisoles. These work great under suits and with jeans. And some have built-in bras, allowing you to cut down on those as well.

Pare down on accessories:
Regardless of where we're headed, we usually only carry one nice pair of earrings, one nice necklace and one set of thin bangles. Besides, you might find some cute jewelry at your destination. Ditto on magazines and books. Take one each if you must.

Bring on the shoes:
We are shoe fiends so asking us to travel with one pair of ugly shoes is like asking us to abstain from anything that gives us pleasure in life. That said, it's impossible to bring all the shoes we'd like. So we usually take our boots (worn on the plane), a pair of cute flats that are comfortable and dressy (they do exist), one pair of high heels that will match any of our dressy outfits and running shoes that can double as kick-around sneaks.

Pack half of what you need:
Our last tried and true tip comes from an old college professor who was in charge of our mini-semester in Italy. Pack whatever your heart desires. Then close the suitcase. An hour later, open it up and take out exactly half. It's sometimes painful deciding which cute frocks and pretty shoes won't make the cut, but when we can zip off the plane and avoid checked baggage fees, it's all worth it.

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Archived Comments:


Amen on the leggings! it just makes sense - especially if your travels involve large, urban environments where sudden subway gusts and trendy staircases always threaten to expose your...umm...passport.


Are also handy if you're planning to exit any low-slung vehicles while flashbulbs are popping...

This is a great list.

In addition to my fancy shoes I always throw in a pair of flip-flops even in winter. They don't take up much room and they're great for poolside, oceanside, communal showerside...

ooh that's a good tip

flip-flops are good too. i stayed in a hotel room that had really rough carpeting and i just wore my flipflops around. heh.

more than black leggings...

Try to just stick with black clothes, shoes, etc. It makes it so much easier to pack quickly and lightly when you go with one general color theme. Too keep from looking drab, pack a couple shirts, camisoles and accessories with color.  

on the heels of the boots tip...

I always find it helpful to wear my heaviest coat on the plane as well, so you don't have to pack it.

FOUR pairs of shoes?

I don't even own four pairs of shoes. Women are ridiculous.

Sexist? No. Impractical? Perhaps.

"Yesterday, we were a little miffed by the packing tips of One Bag that came off as a bit sexist. (Asking ladies to pack one ugly pair of shoes and to use a bathing suit tankini top under suits?" You might need to work on your definition of sexist. It may be a little silly to request that most women only take one pair of shoes(although I myself would if I could with the climates I travel to, and I know many who do whenever possible) it is by no means sexist, actually it is more sexist of you to assume that all women actually care about that kind of thing. Cheers!

Oh, and I forgot to mention,

try to get your hands on some slipper-socks/fuzzy socks, pack them in your carry on, and then when you are on the plan switch from your street shoes(hypothetically your heavy boots) and into comfort and coziness!