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Italy Train Travel: Death by Cappuccino

Where: Rome, Italy
May 27, 2008 at 9:35 AM | by | ()

Traveling by train and sipping cappuccino used to be two of Jaunted's favorite Italian pastimes. But after this weekend's death by cappuccino in a Roman train station, we're not feeling frothy about either.

The bizarre incident unfolded in the wee hours of Friday morning when an Italian offered an elderly American couple a couple of cappuccinos at the Tiburtina train station. The man allegedly laced their drinks with sleeping pills, robbed them and left them delirious. Still under the effects of his drugged drink, 74-year-old Frank Phel then walked onto the tracks where he was killed by an oncoming train.

Officials have the suspected cappuccino killer in custody and are reminding travelers to stay alert while on the rails and, now, in cafés too.

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[Photo: Abroad'r View]

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