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Inside the Simpsons Ride at Universal Studios Hollywood

May 21, 2008 at 3:00 PM | by | ()

Yesterday we spent the afternoon bumming around Universal Studios in Hollywood. Our first (and pretty much only) order of business was to check-out the brand-new Simpsons Ride.

You may remember that this ride replaced the Back to the Future ride which we were sad to see go. But have no fear, next to the Simpsons gift store--aka the Kwik-E-Mart--Doc Brown still lives on in his Doc Brown's Fried Chicken Stand.

Then again, Doc Brown is positively dwarfed by Krustyland, the pseudo-amusement park in which the Simpsons Ride takes place.

You enter through Krusty's mouth to get in line ("Front of the Line" ticket holders go through a different entrance.) On the second full day of operation, the wait time was about 40 minutes. Considering it was a Tuesday, we'd say Krustyland is doing some good business.

Once you make it past the first section of the line, you are sent to another holding area where after a few minutes of standing around you are shown a little video about how Sideshow Bob is intent on destroying Krustyland.

It's in this video where the Simpson family chooses you to be the first group to try Krusty's new rollercoaster ride with them. (Krusty OK's their selection saying, "Yeah alright. They look clean." If Krusty only knew!)

You're next sent on your way to yet another holding room. Claustrophobes beware! This room is small and packed with at least eight people. You watch one more video about the ride, including a safety video from Itchy and Scratchy. Then you're on your way into the Krusty Car.

The ride uses motion simulation like the old BTTF attraction. However, it's what you see on screen in front of you that really makes this ride the future for amusement parks.

We took one of our friends along with us, who was an animator on the Simpsons for five years until 2004. He noticed way more stuff than we did like which characters were flying by and who was doing what. We, however, we're just trying not to get dizzy. The ride is full of major lifts and falls, twists and turns and a little bit of water.

Following what you see on the screen can be hard to do. But it's awesome to twist and turn through Krustyland, trying to escape Sideshow Bob. Before you know it, you are flying high over Springfield.

We won't tell you everything: Go and see it!

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