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Airport WiFi: Boingo Giving You 15 Minutes Free

May 2, 2008 at 12:05 PM | by | ()

Big-time WiFi contractor Boingo, which handles net access at heaps of airports around the world, is now offering iPhone and iPod Touch users 15 minutes of free access at 28 of its US, Canadian and UK airports. The promo is currently only for Apple users, but the company plans to expand the free 15 minutes to Nokia, Sony Ericsson and Windows Mobile users soon.

What's the catch? Not much of one: You'll just see a 15-second ad before you're free to surf. Boingo is ramping up its mobile offerings, and the promo gives the company a chance to do a little market research. In our view, it's win-win.

In the UK, you can jump online at London Heathrow, Gatwick and Stansted as well as at Edinburgh Airport and a couple others. In North America, there are a couple dozen airports in on the promo, with BWI, HOU, IAH, JFK, LGA, ORD and YYZ among them.

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Archived Comments:

but iphone already has internet?

am i missing something? my iphone already has internet without hopping onto a WiFi network. i guess boingo would be faster but i've used my iphone and the AT&T network in airports without much trouble. plus signing onto WiFi networks drains the battery life outta your iPhone faster than lindsay lohan downs vodka shots. well, almost. no one's THAT fast.

iPhone and Boingo

Yep, the iPhone can access the Internet through the AT&T network. But we also work with the iPod Touch, which cannot.

It's a taste test to see if people are logging onto the airport WiFi with iPods, to get a (lot) faster connection and do more.

As for vodka, I recommend Wyborova.

15 minutes

You are right, nothing can beat Lindsay and those Vodka shots. That's a good one! 15 minutes doesn't seem like it's long enough. Maybe it's just me, though.