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UFO Travel: Mystery Lights in the Northern Territory

May 2, 2008 at 11:00 AM | by | ()

Five miners in the Northern Territory of Australia say they spotted a UFO last week. In the early evening, worker Arnold Murray noticed a light silently flying towards his work site and alerted his coworkers as the object swooped in:

The plant's pretty quiet at night. (It made) no noise whatsoever...All of a sudden it shot off and left a long orange trail behind it. That orange trail just faded out like a shooting star.

It wasn't a chopper, it wasn't a plane--we knew that much--and it definitely wasn't a shooting star.

Interestingly, the mine is on Groote Eylandt, close to where Australia's most famous UFO sighting was recorded. In 1964, the "light wheel" appeared off the coast of the island, causing a ship's compass to malfunction as a rotating circle of lights descended from the sky.

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