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Nobody Wants Skybus

May 1, 2008 at 2:00 PM | by | ()

A few weeks ago, rumors were swirling that Skybus could come soaring back to life. And the Columbus Dispatch reported that the carrier's assets, including its valuable operating certificate, were being shopped around. But as it turns out, no one wants them.

Airline chief Mike Hodge says nobody's even bid on his company's future aircraft orders, the Skybus name or that operating certificate. And the one guy who might've been interested, John Weikle, was too busy sending conspiracy theory-laden emails to former Skybus employees to pony up an actual offer.

The LCC is still open to selling off its goods, but after so many airline bankruptcies it's hard to imagine who'd want to buy them.

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Archived Comments:

conspiracy theory?

I'm sorry.  I am a former Skybus employee who received the so-called conspiracy theory laden email.  My perception of the email sent by Mr. Weikle was exactly the opposite.  He merely wanted to let us know that he was saddened to see that this airline failed all of us, employees, our families, and our passengers.  Mr. Kidder is the gentleman (and I use that term lightly) who's email was accusitory, and spiteful.  Not once has Mr. Kidder addressed the Skybus family with any kind of explanation, apology, empathy, or anything resembling fact.  The fact is that Skybus' management team, put in place by Mr. Kidder and his "board", caused the demise of Skybus!  Their incompetence managed to bankrupt the most well funded start-up airline in history...in less than 1 year.  I, as well as many others in the Skybus family, FULLY support Mr. Weikle in his efforts to revive Skybus and ensure its success!  Bring back the Bus!

A Proud Skybus Flight Attendant

No one wants the bus back?

Dear author,

I am troubled by your narrow minded view on the events that have transpired at Skybus. To call John's emails as a conspiracy theory ludicrous, he is the ONLY one who has written to the employees after the end of operations. He is also the only one who has attempted to reorganize the airline, a benefit may I remind you that is award under the Chapter 11 bankruptcy.  Before you start calling someone a conspiracy theorist, try know what was said. The slanderous reply from Mr Kidder would be most suited for a conspiracy theorist. I am one of the 450 employees displaced by Mr Kidder's lack of leadership, and I fully support John.

Save the bus   


We'd love to know more. You should forward the whole email string to us.

...excuse me?

...conspiracy theories?  really?  id like to know how you were able to read the emails intended for former employees only.  if you did in fact read the emails from john wiekle, you would know that he has been nothing but kind, caring and sympathetic to us.  mr kidder on the other hand, has done nothing but try to demoralize the company, john, and us former employees.  as a DAMN PROUD skybus flight attendant, i say go john, and SAVE THE BUS!!!

Here's why we called them conspiracy theory emails

Directly from the Columbus Dispatch and its great reporter, Marla Matzer Rose: "In an e-mail to former employees sent on Sunday, Weikle accused the Skybus board of 'not cooperating with the re-launch plan because, I suspect, it would be embarrassing to them if we are successful.'"

Weikle divining the motives of the board? Sounds like some theorizing being done there. We'd be happy to reconsider our position if you forward those emails over...

um, no.

well we'd be happy to let you stay out of our business and keep our emails to ourselves.  let us have our time to recover from the shock of losing our jobs, and keep your speculative noses out of our family (yes, family) business.

oh and ps, john was right in saying it would be embarrassing for the board if hes successful...theres no theorizing there.
and you might want to reconsider your choice of words in calling marla rose a "great" reporter.  she has done nothing but insult is.  last time i checked, that was called libel.

Can't have it both ways

Fly Girl,
Marla Rose here from the Dispatch. You can hold any opinion of my reporting skills, but I have never "insulted" Skybus employees. I was the only one who went out to talk to you folks the morning after shutdown and put forth your opinions in print. I reported on the pilots' unionization efforts and aired their complaints.

The fact is that John urged you all to "bombard" me with emails after the airilne went under. But when I don't report exactly as desired, people get nasty.

I've been in the situation before of losing my job suddenly, and I feel for you all. The finger pointing is not productive, though. I truly wish you all the best; I don't think for a minute that the pilots, FAs and support staff are to blame for the failure of Skybus. I have never once conveyed that.

Can't have it both ways?

Dear mmrose,

I'm not sure any one of the pilots, flight attendants, and support staff are asking to have things "both ways" here.

An email has been sent out to the Skybus Family, let me repeat, Skybus Family, as to a plan to hopefully relaunch what could have been, and still can be, one of the best airlines in the States.

It seems that all the reports from all news groups seem to be nothing but negative. Why can't you work to help bring the airline back to Columbus and bring those 450 jobs back! Instead, the news decides to run articles and post blogs that have nothing positive to gain.

With that, if you're not willing to be supportive of John and the 450 displaced Skybus employees and their support to bring back Skybus. then stay out of it. We dont need the negative attitude that we're getting.


~Concerned Displaced Skybus Employee

A Sustainable Skybus

Hello from two happy customers.  We booked in September and flew in February.  Great trip and a great "model".  Loved the creative use of planes and airports and was very impressed with the luggage distribution system in St. Augustine, Fl, where the luggage train pulled up and we all just took our bags from the train!  Very creative and fast.

OK, to resolve the fuel cost isue, my wife and I would pay our portion in an adjustment of the ticket price at the day of the flight.  We would be willing to support a % of fuel cost increase (based upon advance purchase) on ticket prices.  All of the other costs are fixed by contract.  Offer your tickets based upon best estimate of fuel cost at day of flight, with the condition that the ticket could adjust to meet fuel cost overage.  If this could be done transparently, we would buy in.  (peg the increase on a pertinent published number, such as that days futures cost of jet fuel, or similar web published number)

We love the approach overall and were very dissapointed to see you go.

Good luck to all and we'll fly you again when you return.

J&M fying out of Portsmouth, NH

Flight Attendants

Skybus was a real gutsy try in this industry, it was just ill timed.  I see a few flight attendants are posting here - I recall hearing their training - the yelling at passengers part - from a looong ways down the hall.  (Was doing some New Skies / SkySales work at the time)