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NYC Speakeasies: Drinking with Sasha Petraske

April 9, 2008 at 2:17 PM | by | ()

There's nothing like paying for a drink in New York and actually feeling like you're getting a good deal. It happens rarely, trust us. (Often times we find ourselves shelling out $7 for a bottle of beer.)

Things are different at the joints headed up by Sasha Petraske. The master mixologist just gets it right every time, with amazingly fresh juices and concoctions, as well as talented bartenders and uber-cool spaces. Suddenly, $14 for a cocktail seems like a bargain.

Our first Sasha speakeasy today is the original: Milk & Honey, on the Lower East Side. The trick with M&H is finding the right phone number for a reservation. That's the only way you'll get in.

Ask your coolest NYC friend and they'll inevitably have a friend who can produce it, then M&H will call you back to confirm a table.

Slip into this slinky, dim joint and experiment with their insanely delicious cocktails, many of which come with a handy Bodum straw-stirrer for effect. A Milk & Honey mantra is "you're responsible for your own guests"--and it's apparent: There are no skeevy dudes at the bar scamming on uninterested women or rowdy tables of revelers. It's all witty conversation and stylish standouts.

After a couple there, hit the scene at East Side Company Bar. Sometimes called "M&H Lite," East Side's drinks are cheaper and the vibe a little less selective, but the atmosphere's similar and it's a sophisticated spot to spend an evening.

DJ's spin house music and tables sport candles, making it a less intense version of the original. East Side Company Bar's on Essex Street, right near Grand.

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