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Travel Snapshots: Skybus Lives on in Photos

April 28, 2008 at 10:00 AM | by | ()

In other imploded-airline news, Skybus isn't as gone as you may think. We're still parsing all the will-they-won't-they comeback rumors, but in the meantime, you can reminisce about the short-lived ULCC on Flickr.

The Skybus Airlines Group has a big inventory of plane porn. You'll find shots of anything from the A319 wingtips to ex-CEO Bill Diffenderffer posing with his FAs. Big-time plane spotter DRust--whose photos have appeared on Jaunted--is the group admin.

You'll also find some not-so-nice Skybus memories on Flickr. You'll remember that when the carrier declared bankruptcy, it straight up stopped flying, stranding some passengers away from home. Flickr user JDuffey posted a comment-of-the-times in response to someone telling him "Sadly they went out of business today!":

I thought you were joking but it appears to be true. How am I going to get home now?!

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