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Italian Bathrooms: The Good, The Bad, The Squatty

Where: Via Fonderia, Treviso, Italy
April 22, 2008 at 10:00 AM | by | ()

There isn't much to be said for the public bathrooms in Italy. Some don't even have toilets, but rather a hole with two spots for your feet. Trust us, this contraption takes squatting to a newly unpleasant level. It's pretty much pee at your own risk.

And it's not just dive bars and gas stations with squat-a-rific bathrooms. We've seen discotheques and restaurants with the same, er, technology.

All potty talk aside, Italy does have one fantastic bathroom invention, which we came across at a Treviso nightclub, Amami. It's a pay-per-use hair dryer and straightener! Finally, someone is thinking clearly.

The gizmo costs €2 per use and we assume you get just enough minutes of power to sexy up your mane--or dry your pant legs.

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Archived Comments:

Gimme a break...

Who on earth would bother to spend 2 euros straightening their hair at a dance club, only to go out and sweat it up again?