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In-Flight Cell Phones: Not Great for So Many Reasons

April 21, 2008 at 11:30 AM | by | ()

Airphones are so 2007.

The test results are in from the first in-flight cell phone experiments on Air France. Trouble connecting and bad sound quality were among the annoying technical glitches reported--which should mean a few more months of solitude!

Other issues reported? The per minute charge of €3 ($4.75) and the fact that only six passengers at a time can chat. A rep from OneAir, the company responsible for the in-flight technology, claims that the number could more than double in the coming weeks. Uh, terrific?

Still, even with a kink-free in-flight calling experience, the question remains: Who wants to endure a Chatty Cathy for eight hours? Apparently Air France is hoping, the answer is a bunch of European travelers.

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Cell phone use

This is a good/bad idea. It all depends on the the use of the cell phone. Take 9/11 for example...that shoud be obvious. Bad use: Calling your dog sitter to see if your dog ate.  And $4.75 per minute!! Since when do minutes cost more than gas...then again. Also, flights should be a time to relax and have face-to-face conversations.