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BoltBus Doing DC to NYC for a Buck

March 4, 2008 at 10:20 AM | by | ()

Speaking of buses, a new souped-up service is coming to the East Coast. BoltBus will run eight trips a day between Washington, DC and New York on coaches equipped with WiFi and power plugs, starting March 27.

The outfit is running a Skybus-style pricing scheme, with at least one seat per trip going for $1. As you get closer to departure and the tickets sell, prices go up. We punched in some dates in late March and found a round trip for $2.50.

BoltBus also has a frequent rider program. Take eight trips, and the next one's free, with no restrictions or blackout dates. Couple that with super-low prices and WiFi in transit and BoltBus could soon become our new favorite for NYC to DC trips.

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Archived Comments:

Megabus already does this

Megabus already does this and serves Chicago, St Louis, Detroit, Pittsburgh and cities in between.

www.BusZoo.com has more choices

Just found www.BusZoo.com has offered $1.00 to various locations(New York, DC, Philadelphia, Richmond, Baltimore and Norfolk).

It seems that the pricing war has just started. With gas price so high, it's good for all of us commuters!

Price changes

When I first heard of megabus to ward the end of May, they were offering free rides from DC to NYC. It was actually on the website when I checked for a booking. I did not travel right away. In early June when I decided to take the trip, I went online that Sunday morning and check the reservation and they were charging $10 each way (total of $20). Before confirming the reservation, I went about to book a room reservation in NYC. By the time I did my search and found the hotel I wanted, the prices had changed (within a couple hours) to $!5 from DC to NYC and $14 from NYC to DC.

Not only that, my ticked printed out with a bus stop location by the date and time of travel that was not actually the bus stop location. I found out later that location I went to was to be effective 2 week after my date of travel. I called the number on ticket that was listed as customer service and it turned out to be reservations. By the time I spoke to the reservations person who told me I could ride free on a trip leaving 9 hours after what I had reserved, but would not refund my money. I finally got to speak to a Customer Service Supervisor who promised to expedite my refund and said I would be allowed to ride the return trip, at no charge and the refund. She gave me her name and stated refunds would normally take 10 days but would probably be credited back in about 3 days as she was putting the request in immediately.

Here it is more than a month later and I have not received a refund, got the run around yesterday when I tried calling to speak to that "supervisor" I spoke to. No one nows about her. Then I requested to speak to the supervisor on duty and was told he was not there, and it was not known when he would be back. I could leave no message. The only recourse was to send an e-mail.

So, I'll wait another few days to see if I ever get a response to the e-mail.

The toll free number listed on the web site under "Contact Us" is listed as the Customer service number but it is Reservations. In order to get to Customer Service, they had to give me a toll number to reach them.