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Hot Aussie Sun Powers Frog-Colored Bus

March 4, 2008 at 9:11 AM | by | ()

What's cute, green and loves the sun? You probably won't guess that it's Tindo, the world's first fully solar-powered bus which has just started operating in Adelaide, South Australia.

The name Tindo comes from a local Aboriginal word meaning "sun," fairly appropriately as the electric bus gets it energy from solar panels on the roof of the bus station. It takes something like three hours to charge, but fully-powered the bus can travel about 200km (125 miles).

If you want a ride on Tindo, it won't cost you anything all--apart from the fare to fly to Australia, if you're not already there. The bus belongs to the Adelaide Connector bus fleet which provides free shuttle services between the city center and North Adelaide. Apparently the Tindo runs really quietly, but we think it looks so much like a green tree frog that we expect to hear a croak.

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[Photo: MM_Anadamon]

Archived Comments:

nice colour

I've seen some weird looking buses and vans in my time, but that one has got to take the biscuit when it comes to awful colours. Great that its solar powered thou, should certainly invest in a lot more of these, just ditch the green thou.