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First-Person Flight Reviews: Ryanair Has Something Against Treviso Airport

Where: Italy
March 28, 2008 at 2:51 PM | by | ()

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Ryanair may have a smokin' hot cabin crew but that does little to placate the increasing number of Treviso-bound passengers who are being re-routed to other airports to land.

The main excuses are fog, rain and low visibility. Instead of landing at Treviso, flights are sent all over Northern Italy and then passengers are bussed back. The most frequent detour seems to be to Brescia (2 hour bus ride away).

University of London student, Patrick Kendrick, gives us the play by play from his recent $125 London to Treviso (to Brescia) flight:

After much circling and 3 attempts to land, alternative measures were proposed. The initial approach towards Trieste did little to placate the mob, whose patience was growing thin. A seemingly logical question from one passenger, "Can't we just divert to Venice?," was met with disdain by the Ryanair official who informed him that Ryanair could only land at one of their affiliated airports.

And so onto sunny Brescia!

Once there, our bags arrived quickly yet this made no difference as we had to wait an hour for the coach to arrive, which was to take us to Treviso. Nothing arrived from Ryanair in the form of food, drink nor even an apology. I had to sit contorted on the stairs of the double-decker for the 2-hour journey, haunted by the chants of a dozen drunk Croatian soccer fans (who had ended England's hopes of qualification for Euro 2008 the previous night). I finally arrived at Treviso airport a mere 4 hours late, at 2am.

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