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Travel Games: Play Punch Buggy Prostitute on Il Terraglio

Where: Treviso, Italy
March 27, 2008 at 3:01 PM | by | ()

Il Terraglio is the stretch of road between the Province of Venice and the uber conservative city of Treviso. By day the road is seemingly unassuming, lined with your typical Italian trattorie, coffee shops, and villas. But by night it's a sexed-up superhighway filled with prositutes.

On a recent drive back from Venice we counted thirty-five in a 2-mile radius at which point we felt slightly violated for even being on the same pavement, not to mention they were getting picked up left and right. Eww. Suddenly there it was, this salty sign provocatively posted along the street. In English it says, WATCH OUT FOR PROSTITUTES.

Come on. Is this really necessary? It's not like these women are jumping out from behind trees and galloping across the road to graze. Can't they just tend to their "business" in subtle fashion? And it seems that the artist went to great lengths to perfect her perfectly perky Double D breasts but neglected to give her any hands! Poor hooker, definitely not of the $4,500 variety, even with the declining dollar.

If there were one place this fine piece of art could have served a genuine purpose, perhaps it would have been in Spitzer's office. Maybe if I ask nicely, the mayor of Treviso will overnight it to Albany as a cautionary reminder for Governer Paterson...

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[Photo: Umberto Marin]

Archived Comments:

Best Road Sign Ever.


are you kidding?

how would you like someone to say "ewww" to you? that's so rude. and punch-buggy stripper? as in let's run people over because they're less than you are just because they have sex for money or drugs? EWWWW. that kind of talk is what's really gross, dude. you should be ashamed of yourself. it's not funny. i would say i hope you come back as a prostitute but i don't. i have more respect for human life and dignity than that. i just hope you have a little compassion and empathy for others sometime very soon. i guess u r not aware that many if not the vast majority of women in the sex industry are literally SLAVES to their pimps (see OWNERS) - not just in that they have no other choice of how to make enough money to live, not just because they're so addicted to a drug, which is an illness, that they'll do anything for it, but many women are literally ABDUCTED and forced to have sex with people, pushed around, beaten, raped, and abused in a million other ways. and who's gonna help them if society thinks they're ewwy and less human? and then you say ewww let's run them over. please learn a little something about these oppressed people and help them out for real and don't just ridicule them. have a little more respect and awareness please. PUT YOURSELF IN THEIR PLACE AND USE THE GOLDEN RULE. rape is rape and slavery is slavery. it's not something to laugh about but cry and mobilize about. ALL MAH SISTAHS RISE UP!